Hello there, thanks for checking out my works!

I am Jiaqi (Jackie) Yi. I consider myself more than an industrial designer; more importantly, a lifestyle designer. I would love to convey diverse ways to live in an abundant world. We are all human beings, and we care about our surroundings. I am intentional and passionate about bringing all I have to the world.

As an emerging professional, I focus on utilizing my industrial design skills, mainly but not only consumer electronics. I enjoy form development, 3D modeling, art direction, branding strategy, and problem analysis. It is always essential that, as designers, we always create stories and scenarios in which products can live.

I'm a studious storyteller that designs unpredictable fashionable goods for the diverse future. I would also love to create dynamic, sporty forms and designs with futuristic concepts for daily life.

A product is never about the product itself but, more importantly, brings a new style, a fresh mindset, and a revolutionary interpretation to users' daily lives. This is all I believe. This is all I am meant to be, and this is who I am.