FULTI 2025 is a collaboration between Converse Lugged Hi and the Sci-Fi movie Back To The Future. Converse Lugged Hi has excellent opportunities and elements to combine the aesthetic of Retro-Futuristic.

FULTI 2025

*This product is not an actual product of Converse. Third party brands, trademarks, and/or copyright materials are used here for demonstration purposes only as part of a student work

"Roads? Where We're Going, We Don't Need Roads."

Back To The Future's 40th Anniversary
By 2025, Back To The Future greets its 40th anniversary. To celebrate that, FULTI 2025 is designed to fully express the movie's language, aesthetic, and atmosphere.

Converse Heritage
Converse Lugged Hi has not only traditional Chuck Taylor heritage but also new elements for the outsole. It has collaborated with a few fashion brands and has excellent market results. This is a great opportunity to unite both Converse and Back To The Future and bring them to another level of design.

Use a 3D sketch quickly sketch out the main silhouettes and form of the design. It helps a lot during the surfacing process.

It is also imperative to bring the design into the context. It will, first of all, ensure that designs fit well in the context and theme. Moreover, it gives the product a more vivid surroundings and atmosphere.