N/Z series is a revolutionary design proposal for New Balance basketball. It is a significant step for New Balance collaborates with luxury furniture company Boca Do Lobo with diverse aesthetic elements. It will bring New Balance basketball to an entirely new level.

N / Z

*This product is not an actual product of New Balance. Third party brands, trademarks, and/or copyright materials are used here for demonstration purposes only as part of a student work

The Dilemma of New Balance
New Balance has been trying to get into the basketball field for a long time. However, most of their products haven't received a good response from the market. New Balance has signature layer designs on their casual sneakers, but we can't find any of those elements in their basketball shoes. That is the significant thing they are missing.


Boca Do Lobo Aesthetics
Luxury is not the only word to describe Boca Do Lobo. Randomness, classical but irregular, cracked, all those characteristics are included in the brand. They are the combinations of modern and resplendent.

Details of Design
Subtle elements can change the whole atmosphere of the design significantly. The product should be deep and alive from all perspectives instead of a flat view.

Quick thumbnail sketches help me generate several ideas and make the decision in a short time.

Using Zbrush mesh and sub-d modeling makes it very intuitive and easy to form my design and add details.